Debian PowerPC e500v2 port, part 4

This is part of the Debian PowerPC e500 porting effort, the series on my blog starts at: "How to bootstrap a new Debian port"

So in a previous posting, I was discussing how to cross-compile packages.  For the moment, much of the existing powerpcspe archive is still perfectly usable, but several of the toolchain packages are so badly out of date it is easier to just re-cross from scratch.

Last time I built the "gzip" package as a demo, now I am trying to get the target build-dependencies for gcc-4.6 set up so I can build a new GCC for my target environment.  For the moment I have the QEMU setup disabled to prevent any accidents, but I may reenable it if I run into any stubborn packages.

As before, to satisfy build-dependencies you will need some mix of native packages (EG: "doxygen") and cross-compiled "dpkg-cross" packages (EG: "libelfg0-dev-powerpcspe-cross").  There's no really automatic way to tell which is which, although if it begins with "lib" you probably need to cross-compile it.

Since most of these so far have been pretty uneventful, I'll just list the packages I completed and any notes or Debian bugs related to the crossbuilding:

gzip        - 1.4-1              - #644785
zlib        - 1:   - OK
gmp         - 2:5.0.2+dfsg-1     - OK
mpfr4       - 3.1.0-2            - OK
ppl         - 0.11.2-4           - #645003 (and DEB_STAGE=stage1)
cloog-ppl   - 0.15.9-3           - OK
libelf      - 0.8.13-3           - OK
libmpc      - 0.9-4              - DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck
base-files  - 6.5                - OK
base-passwd - 3.5.23             - OK
binutils    - - OK
gcc-4.6     - 4.6.1-15           - #645018 #645021 STUCK HERE

After doing this now have a much larger list of "-X" options that need to be passed to dpkg-cross when installing headers and libraries for cross-building:

-X libc-bin -X libc-dev-bin -X multiarch-support -X dpkg -X install-info -X ncurses-bin -X texinfo -X make -X python

Kyle Moffett

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