A long-delayed Debian PowerPC SPE update

Unfortunately, several internal projects and some unexpected GCC and kernel issues have been blocking progress on the Debian PowerPC SPE port over the last few weeks.

Aside from some internal projects that I can't talk about on this blog, I spent the last few weeks rebasing our board support code onto Linux kernel v3.2-rc1 (now -rc3).  I also had to update several miscellaneous architecture code cleanup patches and fix a few minor bugs introduced upstream since my last rebase.

As far as the GCC compiler issues go, Alan Modra saved the day again and with the new non-crashing kernel I was able to test out his patches for GCC PR target/50906.  Several testcases fixed... Huzzah!

In the next few days I hope to actually get the buildd started up as I wanted to do a few weeks ago.

Kyle Moffett

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