And Alan Modra saves the day again!

The last time we had GCC bugs affecting the Debian PowerPC SPE port, Alan Modra was extremely helpful at getting some of them solved:  PR44169PR44364PR44606.

Fortunately, when I managed to trigger yet another GCC bug a week or so ago, Alan Modra stepped up yet again to help us get it resolved (PR50906).  I owe him a case or two of his favorite beverage one of these days.

Seeing as the e500v2 chips are all FreeScale parts I would think that FreeScale ought to take responsibility for fixing their own bugs, instead of having somebody from an IBM lab in Australia do all their work for them.

Anyways, if somebody knows Alan personally, please let him know we really appreciate the help he has given us with GCC.

Kyle Moffett

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